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My visits with industry over the past 10 years have taught me that computer service—in particularly networking—is often misunderstood by users. I have seen first-rate IT staff members given little recognition and very poor IT staff members praised for their hard work.

When networks are installed inefficiently they take constant maintenance. User computers are often down or do not communicate with the server. When this happens, the networking technician runs to Band-Aid the problem. The user notes the quick response and is grateful to the technician when their computer is running again.

On the other hand when a network is installed properly, computers do not go down. The user has little interaction with the IT staff. Should the user seek out a member of the IT staff, they might find that member behind their desk "playing" on the computer. (At least to the user it appears to be play!) In truth the network administrator may be reconfiguring the network, installing a new version of software on the user's computer, or repairing a network problem that is concealed from the user.

At NNSS, we understand the advantages of installing a network correctly. That is why we assign a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer to every job. We want your network installed properly. Your network should be virtually invisible!

Modene Murphy

National Network Solutions, LLC

About Us...

Our Vision...

To create networking solutions to support and enhance our client's business strategy.

Our Mission...

The Mission of National Network Solutions, LLC, is to provide expert network and IT consultative services to small-to-medium-sized businesses and corporations in a timely manner! For example, migration from NT 4 to Windows 2003 would be targeted for completion within three-months..

We do Windows® 2003!

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Attention School Administrators...

We have a free booklet available to school administrators entitled "What Every Administrator Should Know About IT". This booklet was written by our President, Modene Murphy, and is aimed at helping school administrators to better understand their IT Department and staff. If you would like to receive a free copy of this booklet, please visit our Feedback page and fill out the feedback form. Make sure to select "Printed Materials" from the category drop-down list box, and check the box indicating you wish to receive a free copy of the brochure. You will find this booklet extremely helpful in your day-to-day IT decision making processes!

About the Founders of NNSS

National Network Solutions, LLC, was founded by a husband and wife team, Modene and Glenn Murphy. Each brings to this organization different—yet complimentary—Information Technology skill sets.

Both Modene and Glenn began their careers as Mathematics teachers and taught in various public schools in Colorado, Arizona, and Missouri. Over the years their careers diverged, but since 1997, they have converged into the IT field. Both Modene and Glenn have many years experience teaching CIS courses at the Technical College level: Modene in the area of computer programming and other CIS courses; and Glenn in Network Administration courses.

Modene, the LLC Manager, has over 26-years of experience in Computer Information Systems, and 16-years of experience working with industry and their IT departments. She has a rather unique sixth-sense when it comes to divining the directions that IT will be moving toward and what will be the next hot-button issues and trends in the industry.

Modene is also an experienced AS/400 Programmer with over 15 years of experience in AS/400 RPG and COBOL programming languages and AS/400 Utilities and CL.

Modene understands the industry and corporate IT environment and people in the field find that she listens to their needs and concerns, and understands what needs to be done to meet those needs and concerns.

After two other careers, Glenn began a new career in IT in 1997. He has over 7-years of experience in Windows® networking—beginning with networking Windows® 95 clients on an IBM® OS/2 network and then moving to planning, deploying, and administering an NT 4 infrastructure. Next he planned and deployed a Windows® 2000 and later a 2003 Active Directory infrastructure and, along the way, earned three Microsoft certifications—the most important of which is the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Glenn is also a Registered Member of the Microsoft Certified Partners Program.

Glenn, NNSS’ Senior Consultant,  brings some valuable skills to the organization. He is able to work with industry IT staff and management to plan and deploy a Windows® 2003 Active Directory infrastructure from the ground up or, if an existing Windows® NT 4 or 2000 network is already in place, plan and implement a migration to Windows® 2003 Active Directory. Whether the client needs a single-domain, multi-domain, or multi-forest enterprise network infrastructure, Glenn is the person to have work with you to get it up and running in as quick a time as possible.

Glenn also has expertise with several of Microsoft’s solutions to business strategies. Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003 for corporate messaging and collaboration; Microsoft SQL Server 2000 for corporate databases; Microsoft Terminal Services for remote access to network administration and applications; analysis and evaluation of your existing IT infrastructure and staff to help make these important resources work better for you; Microsoft Licensing issues; and partnering with your HR Department to provide expertise in the screening and hiring of IT personnel.

Our Philosophy of Network Administration...

At NNSS, our philosophy of network administration is simple: A well-designed and administered network infrastructure is one that, for the most part, is invisible to the end-users. It does not interfere or complicate the end-users’ work load. Instead, it ought to enhance their work environment so they can complete their assigned tasks in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. In the corporate world, “Time Is Money!” and a poorly designed and/or administered network will actually increase the cost of doing business and, therefore, decrease the bottom line for the company and its stakeholders! Therefore, having your network properly designed, deployed, and administered will increase the efficiency of your employees, result in a higher level of employee morale, will give you a faster return on the investment (ROI) of the cost of deploying the network, and create a higher profit margin for your stakeholders!

National Network Solutions, LLC, is proud to be an equal opportunity employer who values diversity.

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